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Top 6 Visa of UK

Work Visa of UK: Top 6 Visa Types

The Work Visa of UK plays a crucial role when you are looking for work in United Kingdom as a foreign national. The UK has a definitive visa system that handles various employment requirements, making sure professionals, businesspeople, and skilled workers are able to contribute to the economy of the whole country. In this article, we’re going to look at the top 6 UK work visa categories and the requirements for each.

Top 6 Work Visa of UK

Tier 2 Skilled Workers Visa

Skilled Worker Visa is one of the popular option for skilled workers seeking job in the United Kingdom is Tier 2 visa. It is for those people who a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) and have received a job offer from a UK based employer.


Candidates must fulfill the English language requirements, have a valid CoS from an authorized employer, and score enough points based on salary, occupation, and qualifications.


Generally, this visa is issue for the duration of the job along with a few extra months.

Skilled Workers

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa:

This visa is suitable for individuals who want to establish or run a business in the United Kingdom. The Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa intends to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the nation.


Applicants must have access to a minimum investment fund (depends on the situation). Additionally, they must fulfill the maintenance and English language requirements


This visa may be extended for an additional 2 years after it is initially issued for 3 years and 4 months.

Entrepreneur Visa of UK

Tier 5 Young Professionals Visa:

This visa allows young adults from different countries to live and work in the UK for a limited period of time. It is an excellent option for young professionals want to experience the working environment and culture of United Kingdom


Candidates aged between 18 and 30 from eligible countries must need to fulfill specific requirements.


This visa is granted for 2 years

Young Professionals Visa of UK

Tier 4 Students Work Visa of UK:

The Student visa also known as Graduation visa is for those international students who want to continue their education in the United Kingdom. Although the focus is primarily on studying, it allows students to work part-time during their studies.


Candidates must have a scholarship offer and also have the money to support themselves.


The length of Student Visa is defined by the course’s duration, plus additional time for potential employment opportunities.

Students Visa of UK

Commonwealth Citizens Work Visa:

This visa is available for those individuals who have a grandparent born in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man. It allow them to live and work in UK, and might result in a settlement.


In addition to fulfilling other requirements, candidates must present proof of their grandparent’s British births

Commonwealth Citizens

Representative of an Overseas Business Visa

Employees of foreign companies seeking to open a branch or subsidiary with full ownership in the UK are eligible for this visa. It is not directed toward independent contractors.


Candidates must have the ability to make operational selections, be hired and employed outside of the United Kingdom, and truly want to start a business.


It is possible to extend the visa’s validity period

Representative of an Overseas Business Visa


Can i switch from Young Professionals Visa to Skilled Workers Visa if i find job in United Kingdom?

Yes you can easily switch to Young Professionals Visa to Skilled Workers Visa if you get a job offer from UK based employer who sponsor your work visa. Candidates must need to fulfill the eligibility criteria and have a valid CoS from employer.

What is the processing time for Entrepreneur Visa application?

The processing time for this type of visa is based on your home country and the volume of applications.

Can i travel on Skilled Worker Visa with my dependents?

Yes, you can travel with your dependents like spouse/partner and children on Skilled Worker Visa.

Can I work freely on a student visa?

You can only work 20hours/day.

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