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Poultry Farm Worker Job in Australia 2023-2024, Darwalla Group Australia, a leading poultry farming company providing high-quality poultry products to customers all around Australia. Darwalla Group offers job vacancies for experienced Poultry Workers. In this role at Darwalla Group Australia, you will play an important role in daily operations of poultry farms. Company pay competitive hourly wage with accommodation and medical benefits. Job seekers must need to fulfill the eligibility criteria provided by company. In this article we discuss each and every thing related to the job such as qualification, responsibilities, and application process,

Poultry Farm Worker Job Details

Experience: Previous experience in poultry farming or any related experience

Transportation; Must have their own transportation

Skills: Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Permit: Candidates must have a valid visa and work permit of Australia

Company: Darwalla Group Australia

Type: Casual

Salary: 28.50$ hourly

Shifts: Starts from 7:00 am to 7:30 am and finished on 11:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Vacancies: Multiple

Poultry Farm Worker Job in Australia


Compliance with Regulatory Standards: Verify that all farm operations are carried out strictly in accordance with Australian Bio-security, RSPCA, and FREPA requirements.

Bird Welfare Management: To show that you care about the health and welfare of our flock, go on regular walks near the coops to identify and remove wasteful birds.

Feed and Water Line Maintenance: Make sure that our chickens receive the best possible nutrition and hydration visit into the sheds to make any necessary changes to the feed and drinker lines.

Basic Repairs and Maintenance: Perform simple repairs and maintenance when needed.

Application Process

  • Visit official website of Darwalla Group Australia
  • Fill online application form with mobile number and accurate details
  • Submit application online after filling form successfully

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